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My goal as a local restaurateur is to give Fresno’s food scene a new, tasty, and unique concept. I hope that you find J Pot to be an exciting dining experience that you can enjoy in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

J Pot specializes in mini hot pots, and we also have authentic Chinese yakitori (barbecue), milk tea (boba), and a full bar. These foods complement each other nicely. Our dishes can be paired with sauces that diners can customize at our sauce bar, or simply enjoy sauces that our chefs have perfected. Chinese barbecue with a beer is a match made in heaven, and we want to share that happiness with you.

Hot pot is comfort food for us. It is popular all over
Asia – each region has its own version, and they all are tasty. Food is something that unites us as people, and eating hot pot helps us to make great memories with family and friends. This is the experience I intend to create with J Pot!


Check wait times and get in line remotely. We hope to see you soon!


Lunch Special available Monday – Friday 11am-3 pm.
One free green tea or black tea with a purchase of any pot.
Saturday & Sunday dinner served throughout the whole day.

Sliced beef and lamb will be served on the side so our customers can cook it to their own likings. We only use highest quality of meat and thinly sliced daily. Add cheddar cheese to any pot for no extra charge. Highly recommend for the Seoul Pot and Curry Pot.

Your choice of: Beef | Lamb | Pork | Chicken
Your choice of: Steamed Rice | Brown Rice | Vermicelli
Degree of spicy: Mild  | Medium   | Very Spicy     | J’s Crazy Spicy

The J Pot


16 lunch / 19 dinner

Spare ribs, fried tofu, iced tofu, tofu skin, fish ball, calamari, beef meat ball, clam, quail egg, beef tripe, cabbage, fried taro, enoki mushroom, corn, ramen noodles, and cilantro
Served crazy spicy.


Curry Pot


15 lunch / 17 dinner

Cabbage, potato, cuttlefish ball, fried tofu, quail egg, green beans, corn, shimeji mushroom, fried fish balls, kabocha squash, carrots, fried tofu skin and zucchini.
Served with sea salt cream.


Hai De Pot


20 lunch / 23 dinner

Shrimp, lobster tail, clams, mussel, calamari, fish filet, blue crab, enoki mushroom, seaweed knot, cabbage, fish ball, shrimp ball, iced tofu, A-choy and egg on top


Seoul Pot


16 lunch / 19 dinner

Shrimp, calamari, soy bean sprouts, zucchini, tong ho, kimchi, rice cake, enoki mushroom, seaweed knot, fish fillet, blue crab, fish ball, tempura, cabbage and poached egg all in spicy Korean paste broth


Chang Le Pot


15 lunch / 18 dinner

Cabbage, corn, fried tempura, fish tofu, iced tofu, tofu skin, shimeji mushrooms, fried taro, shirataki noodle, fish ball, kabocha squash, A choy, shrimp ball and Chinese churro served on the side


Veggie Pot


14 lunch / 16 dinner

Tomato, corn, lotus root, shimeji mushroom, enoki mushroom, zucchini, kimchi, shirataki noodles, potato, iced tofu, tofu skin, kabocha squash, green beans and seaweed knots


Bangkok Pot


16 lunch / 19 dinner

Cabbage, tomato, enoki and shimeji mushrooms, calamari, beef meat ball, blue crab, clam, fish ball, quail egg, shrimp, tomato, lotus root, cilantro and lemon grass in Tom Yum broth


Tokyo Pot


16 lunch / 19 dinner

Cabbage, lotus roots, udon noodles, fish tofu, enoki, shimeji mushroom, seaweed knot, blue crab, tempura, fish ball, kabocha squash, shirataki noodle and egg in miso broth


Chong Qing Pot


16 lunch / 19 dinner

Cabbage, beef tripe, seaweed knot, tempura, tofu skin, quail egg, enoki mushroom, fried taro, corn, spare rib, fish fillet, iced tofu, potato, wide vermicelli noodles in a spicy Szechuan broth with a numbing sensation from the Szechuan peppercorn


Smelly Pot


15 lunch / 17 dinner

Cabbage, stinky tofu, pig trotter, tomato, enoki mushroom, shiitake mushroom, taro, clam, quail egg, corn, ramen, beef tripe, and tofu skin


Szechuan Dry Pot


15 lunch / 18 dinner

Shiitake mushroom, shrimp, cauliflower, lotus roots, chili pepper, fried tofu, spare rib, potatoes, soy bean sprouts, tempura, tofu skin, beef tripe and garnished with cilantro sautéed and served on flaming pot with Szechuan style spicy sauce (no broth).


Cali tasty dry pot


15 lunch / 18 dinner

Shiitake mushroom, cabbage, corn, shrimp, beef meat balls, bean sprout, potato, green beans, fried tofu, tempura, and spare rib in a sweet savory garlic soy


Add on sides



Head on Shrimp 蝦


Sliced Wagyu Beef 牛肉片

Sliced Lamb 羊肉片


Sliced Pork 豬肉片


Sliced Chicken 雞肉片

Pork Blood Cubes 豬血

Pig Trotters (Stewed) 豬蹄

Beef and Tendon Meat Ball 牛肉丸

Cuttlefish Ball 墨魚丸

Fish Tofu 魚豆腐

Tempura 甜不辣

Pig Intestines 肥腸

Fish Ball 魚丸


Fried Tofu 炸豆腐

Iced Tofu 凍豆腐

Enoki Mushroom 金針菇

Fried Taro 炸芋頭

Quail Eggs 鵪鶉蛋

Udon Noodles 烏冬麵

Vermicelli 米粉

Instant Ramen 公仔麵

Fried Chinese Churros 油條

Corn 2pcs 玉米


Brown Rice 糙米飯

Steamed Rice 白飯

Watercress 西洋菜

A Choy A菜

Tong Ho 茼蒿


Happy Hour

J-Pot Happy Hours are Monday through Friday from 3pm-6pm and 9pm until closing.
We offer $4 large draft beers, $4 well drinks, $1 off all skewers, $2 off appetizers,
and any $10 purchase of alcohol comes with free Tsingtao peanuts.

We appreciate our service men and women in our community.
For active military, veterans, police officers, fire fighters and college students we offer 10% off with valid ID.


J Pot

235 E. Paseo Del Centro
Fresno, California

Open Hours

Sunday – Thursday
Friday and Saturday
Lunch Menu
Monday – Thursday



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